F1 to take a great step… backwards in 2008

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Maserati250f Last Friday, the FIA issued a proposal for new F1 rules to come to application in 2008. Max Mosley wants to reduce manufacturers’ costs by 90% so as to reduce the gap between top teams and less performing ones he’s afraid to see leave the championship. Moreover, he takes it for granted there’s no need of advanced and costly technology to ensure a good show. “It may fascinate the relevant engineers that by spending millions of euros they can build a new gearbox with ratios that are 0.25mm thinner, but no-one else knows or cares. There is no additional value for the watching public who, ultimately, pay for the whole thing” Mosley says. Besides, to him, the cars go too fast, which endangers pilots and marshals and compels race organizers to spend more and more money upgrading the safety of the circuits.

As a consequence, cars should lose power (engines should receive an FIA-made ECU), downforces be reduced by 10%, electronic helps almost suppressed and all the cars be fitted with a clutch pedal and a fully manual gearbox. There would be only one tyre manufacturer appointed by the FIA while wheels could become wider and slicks tyres be allowed again. Besides, gear ratios, differentials, and brakes should be provided by an FIA-approved supplier. No more spare cars, no more telemetry between pits and cars. Eventually, tests should be reduced to 30,000kms over a year.

The new rules must be finalized by the end of September.

Back to Fangio’s time…

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